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  • miniminter can do a better panenka than aguero lol

  • Those Balenciaga's are clapepd

  • Do a cheap vs expensive FOOTBALL

  • Come to Trabzonspor

  • Coming on here to ask where the hell you get football boots for £1?!

  • Whats the song at 5:44?

  • Sondico stonks📈

  • wow

  • "SUUIIIIImon" -Simon Miinter

  • 12:40 You Mean Southampton

  • 8:19 Hello

  • Simon scoring in those Balenciaga's is only testemant to how good of a footballer Simon is !!

  • My man those are not boots

  • Tommyinnit on top boy

  • Vote for NIKO OMILANA to be the next mayor of London. Spread the message everyone.

  • Can i Get it

    • I wanna pair of blisters🥺

  • Can someone link the song used by ncs in this pls

  • Simon scoring in those Balenciaga's is only testemant to how good of a footballer Simon is !!

  • Simon do a shoutout that will get you loads of subscribers also can you gimme a shoutout

  • Sorry to say Simon u ain’t ever beating Tommy innit to 10 mill

  • Hi

    • Can I have the boots🧐?

  • This has already been done. Stop stealing other ISprofilers content.

  • The way he said that they are the cheapest boots on eBay but it’s an Amazon box

  • “Cheapest boots I could find on eBay!” Amazon box the boots are in: imma just

  • we have to get this legend to 1 mil before tommyinnit

  • I wish I had a pair of the Balenciaga boots oh well anyway I've subbed

  • Barcelona if you're looking for a good footballer look no farther

  • do a week with the sdmn or ksi

  • Twitch isnt safe look it up for more info about that. Hackers are the main issue in twitch. Fyi

  • I wanna pair of blisters🥺

  • When is he going to learn how to dj

  • 0:53 ‘eBay’ And I’m the guy who killed jfk

  • I hate how they do 😲 in the thumbnails

  • Tommyinnit I think he’s cool cuz he’s in dream smp

  • Omg your touch is so good. You are a goat.

  • Can I have the boots🧐?

  • Your getting old i can see in your face

  • 2.70$ (£2) vs 771$ (£556) football boots.

  • Old boring content aint gonna get u 10 mil

  • Sheeeeeshh

  • Simon’s long shots will remain in history

  • Man looking 37

  • Damn mini minter has balls even joking saying he hates tommy innit with these Minecraft losers trying to dox him

  • Love how Simon admitted himself that he's a penalty merchant

  • soccer* XD

  • My american ass cringing every time he says boots cause we call them cleats😵

  • Not gonna lie Tommy is catching up

  • Anyone know the song at 9:00

    • You wanna reach 10 mil Imma sub man i got you

  • I want the boots

  • I prefer the sondicos

  • lol joshs hit

  • Simon in the another life was a striker

  • Why do you hate tommyinnit



  • Boots just weren’t 1000 quid were they

  • I have the black and white ones

  • Guys we have to do something tommyinit is at 8.7 mill...

  • I miss old simon

  • This video should be titled "How good is Simon at football?"

  • Didn’t really know what shoe he was using half of the time. I’m just here to see minter ball

  • You wanna reach 10 mil Imma sub man i got you

  • Why does his vids not get suggested to me I swear they used to always be there

  • Should of bought some actual scientifically enhancing amazingly good boots, instead of some shitty boots you get to showoff the price.

  • And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30) Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions. Wash me throughly from mine iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my transgressions: and my sin is ever before me. Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest. (Psalms 51:1-4)

  • Suddenly valencago go out of business

  • When he says he found a two pound pair of boots me thinking how

  • 8:22 This sound effect made me laugh hard😂😂

  • He only scoring because keeper so bad

  • Try the copa mundials

  • Sidemen with f2

  • The balenciagas aren’t actually used to play football they are for fashion, as they say you can’t buy taste

  • Run them views up

  • the music is giving me GTAwiseGuy vibes LUL

  • Do a disstrack on tommyinnit PLEASE

  • done can i have the balenciaga's with all the sideman signatures in it please i liked and subscribed and i have been watching you for soooooo long and it was worth it i live in east london pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Man just ripped off Kieran Brown. Don’t appreciate that big man

  • Suuuuuuiiiiiiiimon

  • It would have been so cool if Simon it the ball in the hole Josh made in the chair. Now that I've written that it seems a little sus

  • that mario edit was epic

  • You need to wear the £2 boots for the next couple of video then show us them cuz the thing with cheap boots is they don’t last long. But what a video👏👏

  • Ay miniminter I don't wanna be negative or something but I think Tommy might actually win this.

  • the sondico boots were better

  • U can tell this man is running scimp on video ideas

  • Lol at this rate tommy is gonna hit 10 million before u😂😂😂

  • That goalkeeper is rubbish

  • Tbf tommy is funny and iconic

    • But isn't him being 16, the only reason you subbed to him.

  • So Basically 1 M person watching a shoes in 2021

  • Subscribed

  • i want the boots pleaseeee i just subbed i didn’t even know you had a channel but in subbed now 😎

  • just noticed im not subscribed

  • simon starts to look old guys

    • No he doesn't he looks absolutely alright?

  • holy i used to watch him back in 2016 and 2017, delved more into the gaming side of things but im glad im watching more of his content now :)

  • Me thinking that Simon said he hates Tobi 😶😶😶

  • Those Balenciaga “football boots” are probably American football 😂 that’s why they hurt so bad while playing

  • Prefer the sondicos

  • I nead it plzz

  • I would live to have any boots cuz I got none😣😣

  • I am gna try go in every channel and spamm sub to miniminter

  • The sondico drip is to much